The beauty around us

We live in a fast paced world and I know myself, I can get caught up in the routine of work home, work home without ever taking a breather. It seems that there is only limited time each day to get the things that are ‘important’ done and very little time for anything else.

I remember when i was around 10 to 12 years old and I would ride my bike around my suburb for hours and hours exploring the world around me, making up games like treasure hunting. I would find little paths that would lead me to wooden bridges that went over drains, underpasses with hidden treasures amongst the rocks, dirt roads trailing to bushland. 

On and on I would ride, stopping at a spot that caught my attention to look around or find a space to sit and take in everything around me.
I didn't have a phone or a watch to tell me when it was time to leave and yet somehow I always made my way home before it got too dark. 

I hadn't done anything like that for years, perhaps since I got my drivers licence and suddenly I didn’t NEED to walk anywhere, even to the corner shop at the end of our street.

But last Sunday, I had this sudden urge to go outside and take photos and all the memories started flooding back.
Breathing in the cool air, the sun beaming down warming me internally while I got my camera ready for the shot, the blue sky above me and the sound of the dry grass crunching as I walked.


I didn't need my car to take me to some special destination hours away from home.
The beauty of nature is all around us and if we stop, breathe and look around, we may be surprised at what we find. 





Vegan spaghetti bolognese with baby spinach and smashed avo

2 cups baby spinach
1 ripe avocado
1 lime
1/2 walnuts
1 can organic black beans
1 can organic peeled tomatoes
3 cups Filtered water
2 teaspoons veggie stock
2 teaspoons garlic powder
2 teaspoons nutritional yeast flakes
1 packet gluten free spaghetti pasta

In a rice cooker add gluten free spaghetti pasted with 3 cups filtered water 

While pasta is cooking chop walnuts
    ⁃    Smashed avocado with lime. Cut the avocado in half and spoon into a bowl, squeeze the lime juice in and mix with a fork until it turns to mash.
    ⁃    Wash and dry baby spinach and add to the serving bowl.
    ⁃    Once the pasta is cooked, drain the water and rinse the pasta. Add it to the same bowl as the baby spinach. 
    ⁃    Clean and dry the rice cooker.
    ⁃    Add the rest of the ingredients list and cook for 10 mins. Add to the pasta and serve with the smashed avo on top. 





Plant - Base Protein

Worried you're not getting enough protein? Don’t be! 


    Firstly, there is a lot of talk on protein these day’s and the main foods that are mentioned are animal proteins and unless you're eating meat, there is sadly a belief that you may not be getting enough… NOT TRUE. Athletes and intensely active individuals probably only need about 10 - 12 percent of their calories from protein to support muscle. 


    Protein is an essential amino acid found in all living cells, and we can get a great source of protein from plant - base foods. If you are eating a wide variety of plant - base foods, you will definitely be getting a substantial amount of protein daily. If you are still not sure, here is a list of my top 20 plant - base protein food sources: 


Lentils                 9g per 100g


Hemp Seeds             31.56g per 100g


Almonds             21g per 100g


Sunflower seeds         20.78g per 100g


Tempeh             20.29g per 100g


Quinoa                 4.4g per 100g


Kale                 4.3g per 100g


Spinach             2.9g per 100g


Broccoli             2.82g per 100g


Avocado             2g per 100g


Mushrooms             2.5g per 100g


Oats                 17g per 100g


Green peas             5g per 100g


Green beans             1.8g per 100g


Buckwheat             13g per 100g


Brown rice             2.6g per 100g


Beet greens             1.6g per 100g


Rocket                 2.6g per 100g


Chia Seeds             17g per 100g


Asparagus             2.2g per 100g


Thanks for reading! 

Much love,

Venesa from Veejay_Clean